Stephen Boyce poet

The Blue Tree


"...exquisitely crafted... "


"...elegant and supple lyrics..."

"... a seamless weave of thought, perception and emotion... "

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"Thank goodness for artists like Stephen Boyce 
who show us that everything in our lives is rich with meanings and connections."
Paul Lewis


Latest collection

My third full-length poetry collection,

The Blue Tree, was published by

Indigo Dreams in June 2019

you can order a copy here

and find out about

readings and events here

Also available, exclusively from this site,

is my new pamphlet The Unforgiving Knot 

You can listen to a selection of

audio recordings of my poems here

Interview with Graeme Ryan of Fire River Poets, Taunton, 

Read the interview here.

The Sisyphus Dog
Desire Lines