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An Affirming Flame

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Part family history, part social history, part travelogue An Affirming Flame draws on a cache of some 1500 letters exchanged by the author's parents during the period 1928–1945.

From Kingston-on-Thames to Karachi, from Chittagong to Chiltern Drive via Pinner, South Wales and Essex the book charts, in their own words, the story of Maurice and Marjorie Boyce as they navigate emotional struggles, political, social and family concerns, alongside the trepidation, adventure and sacrifice of war.

Illustrated with photographs, drawings and other ephemera.


Published: 2021 by Marlott Press

Pages: 240 Softback

Price: £15 + P&P (UK £3.20)

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Little Darling

I feel I must write to you on this dismal Sunday evening [31 December] when but for the hand of fate I could be by the fireside with you. What a way to end the old year. Still I suppose it is better than starting the new year that way. After hanging about all day we were brought before the major about tea time. I went in first and he read the charge and asked me for an explanation. I said what I could. He seemed quite sorry about it as though he wished the charge had not been brought up, and we were remanded for 24 hours while they consider what action will be taken – if any I hope. […]

1939 started well but has finished very badly, let us hope that 1940 goes right the other way.

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