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Your Wandering Tramp


From a collection of old family postcards saved by his mother, Stephen has pieced together the remarkable story of his great aunt Alice and her life as a governess during the years 1896-1914. From a small terrace house in Vauxhall to the palaces of Munich, Vienna, Budapest, the casinos of Monte Carlo and her beloved Tyrol Alice travelled the continent in the service of  several noble families of Europe.

Published: 2018 by Marlott Press

Pages: 56 Softback

Limited edition. Enquire via contact page.

In December Alice writes from 33 Rue de Varenne, Paris, a street close to Les Invalides: “We are staying here till December 28. & then go to Cannes & celebrate our Russian Xmas there.” The card is a photo of the children Olga (Oggy) and Sergei by what appears to be a garden or park gate dressed alike in straw hats and white summer dresses. Alongside the picture Alice has written: “My chicks are getting pale fr town air – but I am enjoying Paris.” To Daisy she writes: “My chicks are getting on splendidly now – & very sweet.”

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