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I have a particular interest in collaborating with artists in other media and in ekphrastic writing. Here are some examples:



Choughs came out of a year-long collaboration with artist Sophie Cunningham Dawe in which we each responded to the other's work. This 'correspondence' produced a number of poems which appear in The Blue Tree, on postcards, in an experimental publication and a limited edition hand-made card featuring the poem and the image which inspired it. You can listen to Choughs by clicking here



A film poem in collaboration with artist Kate Theodore as part of 10 Days | Creative Collisions | Winchester 2013. Published in Yard & Metre an anthology of collaborative writing. You can listen to Earthwork by clicking here

The Ink Line
The Ink Line


Performance work with Kimvi Nguyen which also took place as part of the Yard & Metre celebration of collaborative writing during 10 days | Creative Collisions 2013. Click on the image to listen to the poem.



A needlecase of 12 poems created as part of the installation Space Interrupted curated by artist Eileen White. The poems use the language of needlework to imagine a possible history relating to two artefacts – a maid's cap and a fragment of a lace shawl – found at Northington Grange, Hampshire and held in the English Heritage reserve collection at Fort Brockhurst.

An extended version now published as the pamphlet The Unforgiving Knot.

The Fabric of Life
The Fabric of Life (all the colours of snow)


A piece for three voices written in response to the lives of children at Sangye Menla School in Nepal and performed by students from Winchester College at the Great Hall Winchester as part of Fabric of Life, an evening of art performance inspired by Nepal. Click on the image to see the performance.

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